round Blue Opal Ring


Discover the captivating allure of our "Elegance in Blue" Gold Filled Blue Opal Ring, designed to celebrate the beauty of October birthdays. This exquisite piece features a brilliant 4mm round blue opal, reminiscent of a tranquil azure sky. Available in sizes 5-8, it's a perfect fit for those who seek both elegance and a touch of their birthstone's charm.

Key Features:

  • October Birthstone: Embrace the significance of your birth month with the mesmerizing blue opal, associated with October's unique beauty.

  • 4mm Round Opal: The 4mm round opal captures the essence of a serene sky, making it a stunning statement piece.

  • Gold Filled Quality: Crafted to last, our ring combines timeless elegance with enduring durability.

Elevate your style and celebrate your October birthday or the birthdays of your loved ones with this exquisite piece. Whether it's a personal indulgence or a meaningful gift, our "Elegance in Blue" Blue Opal Ring captures the essence of October's charm in a timeless design.


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